Unless your house or building was constructed in the past 10 years chances are you do not have an adequate basement waterproofing installation. At the time Toronto heritage houses were build a layer of tar was the only waterproofing material they had. A lot of new constructions use just “damp

As we transition to fall and rainy days come it is a good time for you to check your basement for leaks. A leaky basement might not be a big deal right now but can become a costly emergency during the winter when frozen soil increases the hydrostatic pressure on

Have you noticed standing water in your yard? Do you have water appearing on your concrete basement floor? Saturation of water around your property’s perimeter and water coming up from the ground can quickly result in flooding but can also cause damage to your foundation. The pressure of the water

The condition of your property’s foundation is the most important thing when it comes to structural integrity. With time, cracks, fissures and even block separation can appear, sometimes visible on your interior basement foundation walls, sometimes the only thing that points to a cracked foundation is a wet basement. If

When it comes to waterproofing your basement there are instances that there isn’t  available access to the perimeter of your exterior foundation walls. For exterior basement waterproofing there needs to be a minimum of 2.5 feet distance away from your foundation walls for the excavation to be feasible. This space

When it comes to basement waterproofing, one solution doesn’t fit all. The age of  your house/foundation, the depth, accessibility to the parameter of your house, the soil type, if the excavation is machinable or manual, the type and quality of materials used, the extend of foundation repairs needed, all these

Through out Toronto and the GTA there are hundreds of home owners dealing with a wet or leaky basement. Considering the volume of water we get in the form of rain or snow melt it isn’t surprising that this very frequently results in water finding its way into your basement.

When it comes to waterproofing your basement you have two choices, interior or  exterior waterproofing. Exterior basement waterproofing is the most common waterproofing solution, and recommended, as it is more affordable and less invasive. There are certain parameters that need to be met for exterior waterproofing to be viable. There